Car Information

1.Rates include unlimited miles, Airport Access Fee, Third Party Liability, Road fund licence & VAT Value-Added Tax on all rentals.

2. All cars are manual shift, except where shown as "auto".

3. HOURS: Rentals are based on 24-hour periods, i.e., a car picked up at 7 AM is paid for until 7 AM of the day you are scheduled to return it. Any additional hours are at your own expense.

4. AGE: Ireland: There are no minimum or maximum age restrictions. The renter must have been eligible to hold a valid driving licence for 8 years of which 2 years must be at a full driving licence qualification. All drivers must have been eligible to hold a licence for eight years to rent up to a class SDMR vehicle. For IVMR, FVMR, FVAR (MPVs) vehicles and IKMN and FKMN (vans)
Britain: All drivers must be 25 years of age or older. Drivers aged 25 - 29 can rent all vehicles except full size MPVs (MPV and MPVA), small premiums (PDMR/PDAR), large premiums.

5. ADDITIONAL DRIVERS Ireland: Additonal drivers are charged at €7 per day. UK: Additonal drivers are charged at £5 per day PLUS VAT PER RENTAL PER DRIVER.

6. PREPAID CAR INSURANCE: Third-party insurance is included. However, this means that in the event of an accident, the other car is covered. Yours is not. To cover this eventuality, we recommend that you purchase additional CDW insurance (Collision). You should prepay your car insurance. It is cheaper here. Please see CDW rates in the car chart below. There is a deductible of $1500-$2800 per rental. If you do not purchase insurance, you may be required to leave a credit card for the value of your car upon arrival. You may purchase Super CDW on arrival which significantly reduces the deductible. However, we do NOT recommend this.

7. Locations: UK Most airports, plus London Waterloo, London Russell Square, Manchester Picadilly, Southampton Docks, Glasgow City Centre, Edinburgh City Centre, Edinburgh Waverly station, York Train Station, Newcastle Train Station. IRELAND: Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Donegal Airport, Shannon Airport plus Athlone, Cavan, Cork, Dublin City Centre, Dun Laoghaire, Galway, Kilkenny, Killarney, Letterkenny, Limerick, Sligo, Waterford. Northern Ireland: Pick-up and drop-off at Belfast Airport.

8. ONE WAY RENTALS: UK: All Rentals where the vehicle is not returned to the same location as it is collected will be subjected to a one way fee of £50. One way rentals are only allowed within mainland UK only. IRELAND: There will be no charge for one ways between the following routes: 1 - Dublin Airport and Dublin City Centre 2- Dublin Airport and Shannon Airport (and the return routes). All other rentals where the vehicle is not returned to the same location as it is collected will be subjected to a one way fee of €50. One way rentals are only allowed within mainland Ireland only. Cars cannot be delivered to other locations, i.e., hotels.

9. TAKING THE CAR OUT OF THE COUNTRY: BRITAIN: No vehicles can be taken out of the UK Mainland except for travel to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, although the vehicle must be returned to the territory where it was rented. There is a charge of £125 per rental to take the vehicle to Mainland Ireland. You CANNOT take a car rented in Ireland to mainland Britain though, other than to Northern Ireland.

10. THEFT PROTECTION:THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE CDW INCLUSIVE RATES, BUT IS OPTIONAL AND AT ADDED COST IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE THE CDW OPTION BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME. This insurance provides coverage for theft or attempted theft of the vehicle. The amount is €8.50 per day on all car groups. There is a non-waivable excess of €850 - €1,500 +VAT , which is the renters responsibility. Should you wish to decline Theft Protection, you will be held responsible for the full value of the car in the event of theft.

11. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE This insurance is cover for the driver and passengers for personal injury or death. Does not cover luggage. The fee for this is €7 incl. VAT per day and is payable directly to the car rental company.

12. GASOLINE is not included and costs approximately twice as much as it does in the US. Refuelling Policy: Car is supplied with full tank; return full or refuelling charges will apply.

Did you know? Among other things, credit card car rental insurance usually does not cover the cost of replacing each day's rental income, if the rental car you damaged (or the car is stolen while you are responsible for the car) prevents that car from being hired while it is in repair, to cover the lost revenue the company has while a car in their fleet is not available for hire.
Renters are responsible for tires that have been damaged due to neglect, carelessness or in an accident during rental. This includes punctures, tires that have been run flat and tires with sidewall cuts and bulges. Make sure you check your tires at the time of rental! Parking, Speeding fines and Toll charges are the responsibility of the customer.
13. All major credit cards are accepted to cover insurance costs. Some credit card companies may offer their own CDW. This does not generally apply to rentals in Ireland. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to ascertain and meet all requirements of any car rental insurance coverage provided by the credit card company.

14. Maps are included when you pick up your car.

15. Emergency roadside assistance is available at a cost of $5-8 per day.

16. Car seats are sometimes available, but must be booked in advance, at a cost of about $50. We suggest that you bring your own. You must wear a seatbelt. Roof racks and tow bars are not available. IT IS THE PARENT/GUARDIAN'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THE CORRECT CHILD RESTRAINT IS USED.

17. GPS: GPS Daily Charge of €15 per day including VAT. Weekly Charge of €75 including VAT. Paid at rental location..

18. AND MOST IMPORTANT - Driving is on the left-hand side of the road. Small country lanes are very often narrow, with ancient thick walls of rock defining either side. Don't, however, shrink from driving such roads, as they can be avenues to beautiful scenery and fun to drive; but when doing so you must be almost constantly prepared to bring your vehicle to a crawl and negotiate some sort of compromise with the oncoming traffic, mostly cows and sheep.

Did you know?  You can have CDW coverage offered "free" by your credit card company but it often may only cover property damage (and that after a deductible), but it may not cover the loss of rental revenue for the company until the rental car is back in the fleet due to down time caused by whatever reason, damage or theft.
Car Upgrades

Cars provided in the program prices are adequate for the number of people shown, with moderate sized luggage. This car type or similar will be provided. If you would like a larger car, or an automatic, please add the following per day to self drive prices:
Note: Your best value is to buy the CDW before you go.
IRELANDIrish flag
upgrade per day per car, not per person on Self Drive Ireland package
PER DAY PER DAY # of adults
cdw 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
FORD FIESTA AUTO $30 $22 $22
FORD FIESTA AUTO $30 $22 $22
OPEL ASTRA $22 $6 $6 *
OPEL ASTRA AUTO $35 $35 $35 $29
OPEL INSIGNIA $30 $24 $24 $17 *
OPEL INSIGNIA $30 $24 $24 $17
OPEL INSIGNIA AUTO $41 $51 $51 $44 $27
OPEL INSIGNIA AUTO $41 $51 $51 $44 $27
OPEL ZAFIRA $43 $54 $54 $48 $30 * *
OPEL ZAFIRA $43 $54 $54 $48 $30
FORD GALAXY $60 $100 $100 $93 $76 $46 $46 * *
FORD GALAXY AUTO $71 $125 $125 $119 $101 $71 $71 $25 $25
 All cars are stick shift unless noted as "auto"

British flagCar Upgrades on Self Drive Britain
PER DAY PER DAY # of adults
cdw 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
FORD FIESTA  AUTO $15 $37 $37
FORD FIESTA  AUTO $15 $37 $37
VAUXHALL ASTRA $13 $17 $17 *
VAUXHALL ASTRA AUTO $19 $47 $47 $30
VAUXHALL INSIGNIA  $19 $45 $45 *
VAUXHALL INSIGNIA  AUTO $19 $62 $62 $17 $17
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA $28 $110 $110 $47 $47 * *
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA $28 $110 $110
FORD GALAXY   $34 $125 $125 $15 $15 $15 $15 * *
FORD GALAXY AUTO $34 $144 $144 $19 $19 $19 $19 $19 $19
*=included for number of adults in package

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